Support Overview

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Last updated: 26 Apr, 2019

Support Overview

Welcome to the ThreatMetrix Support User Guide

At ThreatMetrix, we believe that service, technical support, training, and consulting are just as important as the features and functions you receive when you purchase the ThreatMetrix Service.

We can provide you with a spectrum of support - when you need it, where you need it and in the format that best suits your immediate requirements. This guide provides you with everything you need to know about ThreatMetrix Support. The ThreatMetrix Support User Guide is divided into four sections:

  • Technical Support Services
  • Making a Support Request
  • How ThreatMetrix Resolves Your Support Request
  • ThreatMetrix Professional Services


The management and staff of the ThreatMetrix Support organization are committed to providing you service with world-class quality and responsiveness. We are always interested in meeting your needs and expectations. If at any time you have questions or concerns about the Technical Support you are receiving, you can send an email to

Technical Support Services

Included in this section are important details, such as where to send support requests, numbers to phone, and hours of business. This section is organized into the following topics:

  • Registering with the ThreatMetrix Support
  • Contacting the ThreatMetrix Support organization
  • Technical Support Specifics
  • Technical Support Service Feedback

Registering with the ThreatMetrix Service and Support

Once you have purchased transactions, client license and/or a support agreement from ThreatMetrix, the specific services of the ThreatMetrix Support User Guide are available to you.

Changing License Information

Any information about your Service can be modified as circumstances at your site change, including the names of your designated Site Technical Contacts. To notify ThreatMetrix support about the changes simply send an email to ThreatMetrix Support ( with your change of information. The customer database will be updated and communicated to the other ThreatMetrix departments.

Contacting the ThreatMetrix Service and Support

You can obtain ThreatMetrix technical assistance by web, email and phone.


The first step and quickest way to receive support is to review the content in this knowledgebase. This site contains answers to address common questions that may arise while using the various ThreatMetrix products. This knowledgebase is being constantly updated with new information and should always be checked when reviewing an issue.


Typically, it is more convenient to send and receive information in an electronic format. The ThreatMetrix Support organization can be contacted via Email at the following address:

If the situation requires, initial contact with the ThreatMetrix Support organization can be via phone. Further communication can be conducted via email while your problem is being diagnosed and resolved.



The ThreatMetrix Support organization can be reached from anywhere by calling this number:

+1 408 200 5754

Your call will be transferred to a Customer Support Engineer who will take your call details and the initial problem description.

Hours of Business

  • Technical Support is provided during regular business hours for non-critical issues. Expanded hours of service are available for critical issues.
  • Technical Support is available from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, through regional areas (US - San Jose, CA / EMEA - London, UK / APAC - Sydney, AUS) excluding ThreatMetrix holidays.
  • Outside of regular business hours, support is callout-based. This option is only available to customers who have purchased the Gold Support offering.

Technical Support Specifics

The following sections describe the types of assistance offered by ThreatMetrix.

Types of Assistance Offered

Task Performed
Problem Determination Analyze error messages.
Identify and isolate the source of the problem.
Provide technical information and technical status on open problems.
Problem Resolution and Recovery Assistance Provide problem workarounds.
Provide advice and suggested workarounds for the customer environment.
Escalate problem for immediate or scheduled fix.
Product Usage Questions Assist with the configuration of your environment related to ThreatMetrix Service operation or functionality issues.
Provide Service information such as compatibility enhancements, fixes and any restrictions.
Security Incident reporting

ThreatMetrix will analyze any incident report on product security or specific customer issue.

Identify root cause and take any immediate steps possible to mitigate further exposure.

Escalate issue to the Information security team for further processing.

ThreatMetrix Support User Guide

The complete ThreatMetrix User Guide can be downloaded here.